Musicians i’m happy i listened to: 2008




Alli rogers. I love this girl. Seriously. I was introduced to her when the Addison Road album came out. She co-wrote a song with  Jenny,  the Lead singer, one of the best songs on the record, What do I Know of Holy. She also writes a blog i frequent:

arAddison road-  if you have read my blog before you know that i love these guys/girl. I was able to spend time with them this past feb. and they are amazing people!


battistelli2Francesca Battistelli – This chick has a great soulful voice. She can easily hold her own among natasha bedingfield and others.


 jj-hellerjj heller- Amazing, amazing vocalist! I can’t wait to listen to more of her music.

I cannot say enough about her! She is running a great sale on her albums 6 for $50!

jenny-tylerjenny & tyler. This is a husband/wife duo. They have great lyrics to go with amazing vocals. Check out their website by clicking on the Photo. if you like their music, go to Noisetrade to pick up their entire cd as a free download.


jasongray-10071Jason Gray. This guy is not a newbie to the Music industry, and i wish i could have found him earlier!

His cd all the lovely losers is amazing! Grace and the cut are my definite favorites 🙂

kendallKendall Payne. I have two of her five cds, which are really good. The tracks on both of them are  diverse, with some very beautiful lyrics



That’s it for now, I tried to not double up on people that i have already written about in my monthly cd review, but some of these i just couldn’t pass up!

My favorite Books of 2008 will be posted tomorrow!


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