Fiction books i’m glad i read:2008

Here’s my favorite (or most memorable) books from 2008 in order i read them

Every picture has a link to the author’s website or the closest i could find!


fleisherDonna Fleisher is the author of the Homeland Heroes Series, which includes; Wounded Healer,Warrior’s Heart, Valiant Hope, Standing Strong. If you love powerful fiction this is a great series to look for, it is a very suspenseful and rewarding read.


darwin2trydyingJames Scott Bell – two his books made it to my favorite of 2008; The Darwin Conspiracy and Try dying.

The Darwin Conspiracy is probably my favorite of the two, since it is a historical novel.

the-shape-of-mercymeissnerSusan Meissner also has two books on my list, The Shape of Mercy and Blue Heart Blessed. I think i like the historical one better again, The Shape of Mercy.


sharSharlene MacLaren-  i’ve read all but 1 of the books she has published, and each and every one are written beautifully! I’d have to say Through Every Storm is my favorite. It is one of her contemporary novels.


dandiDandi Daley Mackall – Maggie’s Story is written from the perspective of a modern day Mary Magdalene. I really enjoyed the way this book made the events in the bible contemporary, sure some situations may have been a bit hokey, but it’s still a fun read 🙂


missErynn Mangum Lauren Holbrook Series: Missmatch Rematch and Match Point- Okay, Okay so i kinda cheated on this one. I read the first two in 2007. But in my defense i did re-read them before reading the third one! It’s easily one of the most enjoyable Chick-lit series available.
The author is coming out with a new series. The first book releases this fall.

tricia-goyertricia-goyer2tricia-goyer3Tricia Goyer –  A Valley of Betrayal, A Shadow of Treason make up the three books in the Chronicles of the Spanish Civil War Series. This is a great series for a history fanatic!
She totally takes you to different time and culture!


ultimategiftultimatelifeJim Stovall – The Ultimate Gift & The Ultimate Life.  A recent movie is based on The Ultimate Gift, it’s a great movie it just doesn’t measure up to reading the actual book. The Ultimate Life is a great follow up to the first.


maiermaier2maier3Paul L. Maier –  A Skeleton in God’s Closet, More than a Skeleton and The Third Millienium
I’ve also read The Flames of Rome (last year), everything i’ve read of his, i’ve really enjoyed. 


the-shackWilliam P. Young- The Shack. If you haven’t read the shack yet, Read it. Maybe you haven’t because of the controversy, it’s okay,  when you read it, (and take it as fiction) it’s not a big deal. There are some parts that i don’t agree with, or don’t even understand why it had it be in the book. But that’s also true in a lot of the best books.


Michelle Sutton It’s Not about Me. I loved this book. The author writes great YA fiction. I can’t wait until the next couple in the series come out!

the-seat-beside-methe-good-nearbyNancy Moser – The Seat Beside Me and the Good Nearby. I’ve read quite a bit of Nancy Moser’s books. I have to say that theses are the ones that i love the most. Both completly drained me. I am so glad i read these.


That’s all my favorite fiction for this year!
Soon i will be posting my favorite non-fiction!



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3 responses to “Fiction books i’m glad i read:2008

  1. Thanks for mentioning my book. I think you’ll like the next in the series. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, Sarah!! 🙂 You are so sweet!

  3. Hey there! Thanks for reading my stuff!! And liking it!!! : )

    It was so fun to write that entire story. Even though I’m not writing Christian fiction anymore, I’ll always cherish my time in the industry.

    Thanks again!

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