Non-fiction i’m glad i read:2008

Finally! Yes, yes, i know i’ve taken a long time posting but here it is!



never-the-sameSteven James – Never the Same

Every person that ever encountered God was Literally Changed by Him – Forever. This book is geared towards teens, and is a great book on how we should be changed by God, if we would let him.   


ron-hall-denver-mooreRon Hall & Denver Moore  – Same Kind of Different as Me

This is the story of each author and  how they eventually met, I thought it was neat that the authors and i are practically in the same city!

the-jesus-i-never-knew1Phillip Yancey: The Jesus I Never Knew

This is a book i read for school, but is one of my favorite books this year. He takes our “Americanized” Jesus and shows up the real one.


what-if-jesus-had-never-been-bornWhat if Jesus had Never Been Born?

This is another school book that i Loved!! He really digs deep in to his subject. The world would have been very different without God coming down as a man.


rachels-tearsBeth Nimmo, Darrell Scott – Rachel’s Tears(re-read)

Wow, this is a tough book to read, knowing what happens, but it is so rewarding. You need to read this book, especially if you are a teen.


the-four-lovesC.S. Lewis – The Four Loves

I read this book as a part of a reading Challenge. Everything about this book i just loved! He’s very good at describing the 4 loves and how they appear in humans
strobelLee Strobel – Case for Faith, The Case for Christ, and The Case for the Real Jesus

I read a lot of Lee strobel books in ’08. I really like his approach to the issues. all of his book are very easy to read since they are all written as interviews


do-hard-thingsAlex Harris, Brett Harris – Do Hard Things
This is the perfect book for anyone(teen or otherwise) who wants to do and be more than status quo.
It’s a very inspiring call to action.

jesus-for-presidentShane Claiborne & Chris Haw – Jesus for President
Seriously, the title is great! Could you imagine how great it would be to have Him for President?!?

I didn’t enjoy this book as much as Shane’s previous book, the Irresitable Revolution.It’s a great thought provoking book.
heres-to-hindsightTara Leigh Cobble – Here’s to Hindsight

This is a very honest look into the author’s life and her struggles

I haven’t heard a lot of her music, but i what i have heard is very passionate. She has a new book which i hope to read soon.

donald-millerDonald Miller – Searching for God Knows What
I love Donald Miller, this is the 2nd book i’ve read from him. I liked this one more than Blue like Jazz, i’ll be reading more of his books soon!

brianmclarenBrian Maclaren – Everything Must Change 
How is a christian to react to some of the issues of the world, like hunger, poverty and the environment
This book is great to read, espicially if you don’t know what to think/do about some hard issues.


a-walk-with-jane-austenLori Smith – A Walk With Jane Austen 

And finally, i HAD to end with a Jane Austen Book. Lori Smith takes a trip to england and follows in Jane Austen’s footsteps.  this book is filled with both stories of Jane Austen and the Author.
i really liked this book, i hope to take a journey similar to Lori’s soon!

that’s it!


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  1. I’ve read the Philip Yancey book that you listed and the C.S. Lewis book – both were excellent reads. I tend to buy every Philip Yancey book there is. He is one of the best Christian writers of our time – without question.


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