Join me at Mocha Club

$7 in Africa will…
Feed 1 person for a Month
Educate 2 Children for 1 School term
Save 1 person’s life from Malaria
Provide clean water to 7 africans for 1 year

I wanted to tell you guys about a great Organization called Mocha Club. Basically for the price of two mochas a month($7) they will take your donation and send it to aid whichever project (orphan care, job creation, sudan regrowth, HIV/AIDS, education, and child mothers) you choose.It is a legitimate organization that wants to not only share christ through biblical studies but through the love and care of others.

If you want to join my team and project, I support Child Mothers under the Band Addison Road.

Right now the Band is running a promotion, you can get a Free T-shirt, and a Download of their latest single “Hope Now” (plus the “I need Africa T-shirt)

Many other artists are also giving promos, here’s a list of some. You can get any of the promos and still join my team! I don’t know the details about these, so check the artist’s site first!
Ginny Owens Christmas Cd
Matt Wertz Download Promotion
Dave Barnes Download
Grey Holiday Online Promotion
Dave Hunt CD Download Promotion
Addison Road “Hope Now” Download & Tshirt Promotion (Tshirt designed by Bassist!)
Dave Barnes Exclusive MP3 Download
Katie Herzig Free CD Download & “I Need Africa” Tshirt Promo
Mark Wagner Free CD Download & Tshirt Promo

Amy Courts Free CD Download (EP + new CD
Lady Antebellum Free Autographed Photo & “I Need Africa” Tshirt Promo
Matt Wertz: Under Summer Sun CD+EP Promo
Pearl Merchant Free CD Download & “I need Africa” Tshirt Promo
Jeromy+Jennifer (from FFH) Free CD Download & “I Need Africa” Tshirt Promo
Dave Barnes Comedy DVD Promotion
Threads Tshirt Promo

Please think about joining Mocha Club with me, you can check out their FAQ’s here
or ask me!

The Minimum requirement is 3 months ($21)


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