Finished George Eliot!

I finished all the books i planned on reading for George Eliot. In order to keep my thoughts straight on which ones i liked/disliked in particular, i’m going to write a blog when i’m done with each author. It’s good for my scattered brain!

Favorite: Middlemarch
For sure! I LOVE this book, it’s right up there with Anne of Green Gables and Pride & Prejudice for me. And if you read what my blog name is, you’ll know how big of a deal that is.

Most thought-provoking: Daniel Deronda
Interesting (And sad) to see how Jews were treated in the Victorian times. There was a lot of prejudice, ignorance and fear going on in this novel.

Least Favorite(s): Felix Holt.
This is a sort of unfair judgement since i read a poorly translated e-book!
I downloaded it from Google e-books, but the way the computer reads the words on the page was awful! Parts of the book were just dots and dashes! I KNOW it was not written in Morse Code!  For a couple of examples:

“Mr I!ypp[aflswpjred,.in.:ujtprlldiwifte8p,j^8 tp the; course Est^ier’^.nqnd.wa^JaJiing,, ^ had antioi,pate,d! bcfqre his disolpsure, from his long-standing disoern- mejitM.Qf. ^endenciep in, ^er wh^cjbllwe,^ often. J,ho, cause, p^sjl.e^tjgrfe^to iH’m, ^ % djscovery, likely tcd^ve ^lie keejies^interest/or her would l)o .that hpr, parents ^ad^|h^g^e,r,ra,nk;than Dissen^g, ^ea$ier; ^ ,^

You can’t help but laugh as you read that! What in the world does it say? Granted, it is an old book and the copy probably had some bad pages.
Another one that is nearly as unreadable…. it was so funny i even posted it on Facebook 🙂

“JJlesB me ! if’.tt RRtoninhiDg. hotr well yow-‘re up”

That’s all! I’ll be reading Gaskell next!


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  1. Cynthia B.

    Good job on finishing all those books! Lol, and on reading the one filled with gobbledygook.

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