Thoughts on the first week

My first week of being a semi-vegetarian went well!
I’ve had some questions about what i mean by “semi-vegetarian” Basically, I will not eat meat, but things made from meat (I.E. Beef Broth, Chicken Broth) are okay.
I am not a vegan either… Vegans do not eat anything made from any animal products, (cheese, milk and in some cases – honey)

My family and I went shopping for some fast veggie things for my meals. We found some great ones, and some things I’m not very fond of, including soy “beef” crumbles. Not very good. I seasoned (with sage & red pepper flakes) it to taste like sausage…. it didn’t. I was more my fault than the crumbles’, though 🙂

I did have my very first couple of pieces of sushi (Salmon) so a little bit of cheating there, but seafood isn’t truly “meat” right? 🙂

All in all though it was a good intro to being a full time vegetarian!


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