Finished Gaskell & a Decision

I’m Done with Elizabeth Gaskell! Here are the memorable books for me. 🙂

Favorite: North & South
Love this book! It’s another new favorite, like middlemarch, which has shot right up to the top. I watched the movie last year, and liked it. But WOW, the book is WAY better! If you like Pride and Prejudice at all, you’ll adore this book!

Most thought-provoking: Ruth
Very, very interesting! Ruth is about illegitimacy, and Gaskell was able to challenge the conventional victorian views on her subject through this book.

Least Favorite(s): Mary Barton
I didn’t have a Gaskell book i didn’t like, so this one is least favorite just by default. It is the one i remember the least about though.

After looking at my stacks and shelves of review books, I have decided to only read the Charles Dickens books i really want to read. Instead of reading the remaining 19 (out of 21) i’ll only be reading 11. This will give me SO much more time to enjoy the books, and get something else done too!
I’ll update my list to reflect this decision. 🙂


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