Woman of Mystery

Woman of Mystery
Here’s a great new book by much loved teen author, Hayley DiMarco.

Every woman longs for some form of romance, and God longs to fill that romantic need. Hayley is honest, real, and engaging in her newest book.
I received this book today from Tydale Blog Network today and LOVE it. Hayley quotes some fantastic movies and people in the book. One of the quotes was from a movie my sister & I watched yesterday, Ever After (with Drew Barrymore), I thought that was fun!
I almost couldn’t STOP reading the Woman of Mystery! It’s a seriously engaging read. I’ve read quite a bit of Hayley DiMarco’s books and i have to say that so far this has been my favorite. The Woman of Mystery is written both for women who have found their mates and those of us who haven’t yet. She shows that the single ladies are to be preparing for future husbands, and married ladies are to understand their spouses needs. She also reminds us that we are to be living wholeheartedly for our Heavenly Bridegroom too. Great book, I highly recommend it for a woman of any age, whether married or not!


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