Michelle Sutton Interview #2

Michelle suttonToday i’m interviewing Michelle Sutton for her latest release, It’s Not About Him the 2nd book in the Second Glances Series.
Hi Michelle! Welcome back!

I LOVED the previous book in the series It’s Not About Me. I’m not sure how you can top that, but i have confidence in you! Tell us a little bit about It’s Not About Him.

It’s Not About Him is the story of Susie, the bad girl in the first book who was desperately trying to pin her pregnancy on one of the Lane brothers because she loved their parents and needed help. Book 2 continues that story and picks up when she is going into labor. Jeff is the guy who used to like her but he also feels guilty becauseit's not the sexual assault took place at his house. He feels responsible so he tries to persuade her to marry him so she will keep her child and not follow through with her adoption plan. But Jeff has his own unresolved issues he’s dealing with because of his adoption.

Tell us about your publishing house for the Second Glances series.

Sheaf House is amazing. They produce quality books that are beautiful and the font is easy to read. They allow for edgier content as long as the message is strong and Christian. I love working with them. Not sure what else to say about them.

Were there any music artists/songs you listened to while writing It’s Not About Him?

 Sheesh, I wrote the story so long ago I couldn’t tell you. Probably something by Thousand Foot Krutch, though. I recall liking Slow Bleed from their Phenomenon album around that time. But I’m not really sure.

Fun Questions!

Coffee or Tea? Ack! Love both…okay, coffee. Don’t make me choose ever again!

what was the first book(you can remember) that made you love reading? The first book? Probably anything by Beverly Cleary. Loved those Henry Huggins and Ramona books!

would you rather have a phone conversation or just send a text? Send a text, unless I’m driving. Duh! Then I’d call someone. It’s safer.

do you have a city/country you’re just dying to visit? Israel.

And finally, i think i’m stealing this from Camy Tang but, if you were a crayon, what color would you be? Green because it’s symbolic of life, like New Life in Christ.


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  1. Thanks for the interview, sweetie!

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