Review of Stand:Unleashing the Wisdom of God

Stand: Unleashing the Wisdom of God By Alex McFarland

I have to admit, as soon as i opened the package i exclaimed “how cute!”.
It’s one of the smallest books i’ve seen, it’s as tall as most books but the width of it is tiny. However, the words within are anything BUT cute.
The writer dives right into the nitty gritty of the message in Proverbs, WISDOM. He doesn’t skirt around issues or try to brush them up to make them appear better, he tells it how it is without any sort of apology.
He explores deep into the Proverbs and Solomon’s life, and also shares great, funny stories from Alex own life. He is very transparent, and that makes for a relatable read. I’m not sure how “original” this book is, since many books have been written for youth focusing on wisdom and Solomon, but this is certainly one to check out. I’m looking forward to reading the others in the series!

The Stand series of three books are written specifically with youth in mind. The titles are Stand: Unleashing the Wisdom of God, Stand: Diving into God’s Words, and Stand: Seeking the Way of God


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