101 simple &thoughtful ways to give this Christmas away – review

https://i2.wp.com/files.tyndale.com/thpdata/images--covers/500%20h/978-1-4143-3644-2.jpg Matthew West, (History, Happy, Something to Say cds) singer and songwriter of some of the greatest songs on Christian radio(More, The Motions, Only Grace and others)  can now add “Author” to his resume!

101 simple & thoughtful ways to give this Christmas Away is a small gift book based on his new song, titled Give this Christmas Away, co-written with Amy Grant. However,  no cd single was  included in the book, (as is standard in other gift books) and that was a bit disappointing since it would have really enhanced the message if the song could also be listened to at the same time. (I guess that’s what itunes is for, though!)

The ideas in this book are exactly what the title says, simple, thoughtful-  and inexpensive – ways to give.
This would make a very sweet gift this year. Many of the ideas may even become family traditions. I would  encourage you to just start with some small idea within this book and add to it each passing year.

Thanks to the Tyndale Blog Network for providing this book for my to review!


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