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Triumph of the day – March 6th

Today I received my grade for my first major writing assignment in English Comp II.

I was a bit nervous about this grade since it was my very first hand-written essay EVER, and during the class period I wrote 4 or 5 drafts trying to get my handwriting to look halfway decent. It also happened to be the third of five exams that week (seriously I think my professors may have conspired to have all my first exams all in that week).

My teacher explained today that if we were disappointed with our grade not to worry, one assignment will drop, and there’s plenty of time to make it up, etc…  She called my name up, I retrieved my essay from her outstretched palm, and with great fear looked upon the grade.  LO AND BEHOLD, I had made a perfect score, a one hundred freaking percent!  My self-confidence was boosted even more when I read her note: “if you will type this up for me to use as a sample, i will gladly give you extra credit.” She wants to use MY essay as an example in her classes?!? What?!? I felt quite giddy, and possibly, maybe, even skipped out the door on the way to my car (and perhaps let out a squeal or two). 🙂

Yay for great English teachers! 🙂 Off to write a sociology paper!


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