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Going Meatless…

Hey Guys!
I wanted to share with you something that i’m going to try this summer.
I’ve never really have liked meat. I’ve always liked veggies much better. Mostly its because of my family, we would go to a steakhouse and all order the Veggie plates 🙂
Starting today, i’m going to try my best to not eat any meat. We’ll see if i can do it! Most retaurants offer meatless entrees, which will make it really simple to eat out.
I’m not sure if i could be a Vegetarian for life, certainly not a vegan (i love cheese too much 🙂 ) But I’d like to try to see if i could do it for 1 month.
If anyone has fun veggie recipes, please send them over!


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My first Pie!

Hey, sorry i’ve been a little absent lately!
I made a pie today, my very first! Here’s a picture, it looks pretty and it tasted pretty good too! I need to work on my serving technique though… It didn’ t look so great once it was transferred on to the plates 🙂

My First Pie!

My First Pie!


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