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Random and Funny search hits…

One of the benefits of getting a blog is seeing what people have searched for to actually get to your blog.
I wanted to share a few of these with you since they are so funny!

If the person who googled any of these comes across my blog again, please leave me a comment. I’d love to know why you were searching for this and if my blog answered any questions at all…. 🙂 Also please don’t think i’m meaning to make fun of anyone, I just wanted to share some of the laughs i’ve gotten since starting this blog.

Some of them are really random and make me laugh. I get tons of “Jane Austen” searches (which isn’t surprising) but some of the other words in the search are completely unrelated. like this one i got a few days ago…. “jane austen pregnancy lying in”
was this person searching to see if Jane was ever pregnant? Or what people did during that era for their pregnancy? (for the answer… no, she was never pregnant, she never even was married!)

here’s another Jane Austen search …. “post modern jane austen” WHAT in the world was this person searching for???? I have no idea what you would find on the internet about that. Nor even why you would be searching for it…..

Here’s a JA search i received just a bit ago…. “jane austen didn’t show great passions”
Not really sure what to say about that one.

and this one…..” jenny and tyler a prelude christian?” I’ve blogged about this fantastic recording couple. and I’m glad you asked…. Yes they are. I was wondering the same thing too before i was able to listen to their songs. (If you’re wanting to try out this group go to to recieve some free tracks!)

That’s it!

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And let the hilarity begin!

Just wanted to share a link to a really funny site, I can’t promise that every picture is family friendly, though! These are all professional cakes that are complete and utter wrecks!

She’s posted a lot of great ones, including my favorite, hahahaha, cracks me up!

I’m trying to get through my TBR pile, which i’m doing quite sucessfully! I’ve knocked out 4 books since two days ago!

Demon by Tosca Lee has been my favorite so far, I’ll be posting more about it at the end of the month.

off to chick-fil-a!! 🙂

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