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books & music of June

I’ve been reading so many GREAT books this month it’ll be hard to narrow it down to the ones I loved! Please ignore the really annoying formatting…. I’m not sure what happened! This is not good for my OCD ways!

First off I’ll start with the fiction!

Talking to the Dead by Bonnie Grove
This is a book i actually had no interest in at first, It sounded a little grown-up and honestly, creepy. After hearing that a lot of people absolutely loved the book, i gave it a try.  It was great! I read the entire book while at the doctor’s office, and that rarely happens! (Granted, we were there for 4 hours!) A full review IS coming soon!

Scared By Tom Davis – Amazing, amazing book. if you have read his Non-fiction book “Red Letters” this is a must read! It’s not a funny, book or even entertaining for that matter, but it is one of THE most informative Fiction books. AND do you want to know one of the greatest things about this book???? You can get it as a FREE download. The ENTIRE book…. free!

Veiled Freedom by Jeanette Windle – Very interesting book, located in an area i have rarely read about in a Christian Fiction book. It’s book you need to devote a lot of time to reading. You might get easily lost if you’re reading several books at once (Trust me, i know. I’m guilty of it! )




The Woman of Mystery by Hayley DiMarco
This is a book i recently requested from the Tyndale book bloggers (yes they do it too!) I love Hayley’s books, but finding this one was a real treat. This particular topic has been addressed before in many, many books, but i think Hayley has some great thing to add to the discussion.

Graffiti by Erin Davis

Erin is a contributer to one of my favorite blogs,
I’ve enjoyed the things she has to say on her posts, and it was great to get more in depth in what she is most passionate about, giving young women a sense of their identity in Christ.

Mere ChristianityMere Christianity by C. S. Lewis
Of course this make this list, how can it not? I’ve read this book once before but this time it was the final book for School.
C. S. Lewis definitely streches my thinking, and he makes a lot of sense. This isn’t my favorite by him (i possibly like The Four Loves the best…. still trying to decide)



This month’s music has been so diverse!

imagesI found The Beatles Anthology 1 while on vacation (for 1.99! gotta love thrift stores!)
I’ve been enjoying that, i wouldn’t classify myself as a beatles fan… at least not yet.

Also at the same thrift store we found Colbie Caillat’s cd, Coco. (But this one only cost 59 cents, no idea why though…. )I love this cd! She reminds me (on some songs at least) of Bethany Dillon (whom I love!) Some of the songs tend to be pretty similar but all in all it’s solid! And great for summer road trips!

In the name of love I’m pretty sure i’ve mentioned this collection before but i’ve been listening to it again. I’ve been reminded of how much i love it too. I LOVE U2 songs, but sometimes i don’t really like the original (kinda strange…) so this great cd comes along. It’s called In the Name of Love, and it’s perfect! My favorite song is 40 by starfield. They do an amazing job!


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Music and Books for Feb, March AND April!

So sorry i haven’t been posting these, but i’m back. I’ll be writing another at the end of the month, but we’re already into April so i’m including this week 🙂

Here’s the Music:

Joy Williams- One of these Days Ep.
amazing! I loved listening to this artist when she was with a Christian label, but now that she’s Indie she’s only gotten better! If you get the chance to see her live, please, please do. For your own sake!
If you know me in person, feel free to ask me for a copy, i bought a couple extra 🙂

Katie Herzig – Apple Tree.
Katie is an Indie singer/songwriter with a weird voice. Really, it is a strange voice. But she has something so pure and alluring i keep coming back for more. Try her music out for a bit and you’ll see what i mean. You can get a sampling of her music at She supports the Mocha Club too!

I attended the Dallas stop of the Rock and Worship Roadshow. Addison Road, Tenth Avenue North (who are nearly as amazing as Addison Road in my VERY biased opinion) Hawk Nelson, Jeremy Camp, and Mercy Me.

It’s a great show, if it comes to your town make sure you attend. Addison Road had to drop out after Dallas because their lead singer is 3 weeks from her due date(!)  I created a playlist from the songs played that night and have been listening to them quite a bit.

Speaking of which please, please vote for Addison Road as new artist of the year on the dove awards site! I would be so happy if you could! Leave me a comment too! (even if you voted for the enemy) 🙂


Now for the Books,

If you look at the top of my blog you’ll see a page link called 100+ book challenge. There you can see all the books i’ve read this year. If you want, leave a comment about a certain book 🙂
(Can you tell i’m wanting more comments?)

There are many, many more books, but these are the few that jumped out at me.

City of the Dead by T. L. Higley
I’ve heard a lot about this author and her new series The Seven Wonders (this book is #2) It lives up to all my expectations plus some. It’s very, very good. I can’t wait to read more from this author.

 Jane Austen Ruined my Life by Beth Pattillo
I had to read this book, just read the title! It’s a great read for Austen Lovers. It’s one i’ll be looking to add to my own Jane Austen collection (since i got it from the library).  I’m not sure i would have liked it as much if i didn’t already have an interest in the subject. If you already are interested by a Jane Austen treasure hunt, this will be a great book for you 🙂
Wide Open Spaces by Jim Palmer
This is the 2nd book i have read from Jim Palmer. It’s a continuation of Divine Nobodies(which i put on my october Books blog) I love this book, i took a while to read it. I think that’s the best way to read Jim Palmer books, it gives me time to soak up what he’s saying.

That’s it! I’ll try to add some album art and the book covers later on 🙂


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Music of the Month -November

Phil Wickham – Singalong

this is a free download from Phil Wickham. It has a great mix of his songs and classics. It’s neat to hear him do a live concert too.

starfield1starfield2starfield3 Starfield – the trio!  I love all of their albums!

My favorite album would be “I Will Go” (the last cd) The song Hosanna leads me into my next album… the songwriter herself

brooke Brooke Fraser – Albertine  Great singer, great songwriter! I was introduced to this girl by Mackenzie (thanks!!) I’m passing her on!

ringing-bellDerek Webb – Ringing Bell I really have been  listening to all of the albums i have from him, but this is my most recent. I downloaded from I was introduced to him when he was giving away his album, Mockingbird, a few years ago. I’ve been hooked on him and Caedmon’s Call ever since.

 in-the-name-of-love1In the Name of Love – Various Artists

this cd has a variety of christian artists singing U2’s most recognized songs. I really love U2’s lyrics and the different people who sing them. My favorites are 40 and Sunday Bloody Sunday.

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Music of the Month – October Edition

 I’m starting a monthly tradition. I will take my favorite albums/artists that i’ve been listening to and let you guys know. (Maybe you can tell me your favorite too!)
I will also do this with the books I’ve read that month.

Jon Foreman Fall & Winter eps (just the fall disc, i’ll save the winter for closer to the season… as in tomorrow)- Easily one of my favorite singer and songwriters. Great stuff!

JJ Heller Painted Red i have had this cd for less than a month and have listened to it over 30 times. With an ipod packed with nearly 4,000 songs I know she’s good 🙂 She reminds me of Sara Groves and the lead singer of Addison Road, Jenny Simmons.

 Alli Rogers You and The Evening Sky I actually don’t have this cd, but Noisetrade has a compilation of her songs. She’s a fantastic singer and her songs are amazing!

Joy Whitlock God and a Girl This chick has a seriously passionate voice. Kinda reminds me of mix between Jennifer Knapp and ( says and i agree) Kendall Payne with a bit of KT Tunstall.

 Downhere Ending is Beginning I love downhere’s music they have songs that I just keep coming back to and discovering all over again. I would also recommend Wide-eyed and Mystified by downhere.

 Jenny & Tyler A Prelude I’ve been really excited to find this guys through an ad on Facebook of all things. They are a Married couple from Nashville. This is an acoustic cd. I don’t have their other one but i know that it’s good!

Bethany Dillon Waking Up Honestly i’m always going to have bethany dillon playing. I’ve loved her music for a long amount of time. On this cd in particular i love You are on Our Side. Seriously amazing stuff.

Alanis Morissette Flavors of Entanglement I’ve really liked Alanis’s voice since the Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack. I don’t like straitjacket (i don’t like hearing words that i don’t say being repeated over and over) I do really like Incomplete, Tapes and Not as We.

That’s what i’ve been listening to this month. Let me know what you have!

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