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Thoughts on the first week

My first week of being a semi-vegetarian went well!
I’ve had some questions about what i mean by “semi-vegetarian” Basically, I will not eat meat, but things made from meat (I.E. Beef Broth, Chicken Broth) are okay.
I am not a vegan either… Vegans do not eat anything made from any animal products, (cheese, milk and in some cases – honey)

My family and I went shopping for some fast veggie things for my meals. We found some great ones, and some things I’m not very fond of, including soy “beef” crumbles. Not very good. I seasoned (with sage & red pepper flakes) it to taste like sausage…. it didn’t. I was more my fault than the crumbles’, though 🙂

I did have my very first couple of pieces of sushi (Salmon) so a little bit of cheating there, but seafood isn’t truly “meat” right? 🙂

All in all though it was a good intro to being a full time vegetarian!


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Going Meatless…

Hey Guys!
I wanted to share with you something that i’m going to try this summer.
I’ve never really have liked meat. I’ve always liked veggies much better. Mostly its because of my family, we would go to a steakhouse and all order the Veggie plates 🙂
Starting today, i’m going to try my best to not eat any meat. We’ll see if i can do it! Most retaurants offer meatless entrees, which will make it really simple to eat out.
I’m not sure if i could be a Vegetarian for life, certainly not a vegan (i love cheese too much 🙂 ) But I’d like to try to see if i could do it for 1 month.
If anyone has fun veggie recipes, please send them over!

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Whoop, whoop!

Today i have reached my 1,000 view! It might not sound like very much to some of you amazing bloggers out there, but for me its pretty cool.

I also wanted to direct you to my review blog if you’re interested. I’d love to get 1,000 views there as well. The link is on the sidebar on this blog and is accessible from any page.  🙂 Leave comments too!

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daisies and love……

This is a short blog i wrote almost 2 years ago. Hope you like!

Have any of you ever picked a flower and alternatively said as you pick off the petals one by one “he likes me, he likes me not, he likes me….”?

Ever notice that it never works out the way you want it to?

With God we never have to do that, He states it right there in the new testament “for God so loved Sarah (or whatever your name is) that He gave His only begotten son…”

Have you ever thought that God not only loves you but he LIKES you.
there are people that I love but I don’t really like their personality.
but God loves you AND likes you!


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Benito Mussolini and Christianity

I read something about Benito Mussolini today in history. He was known for his slogan “No discussion, only obedience” Somehow that reminded me of what people do in churches today.

How many times after a sermon do we go look it up in the bible and read up more about it? We just take it as the preacher said. Do we always remember what the point of the sermon was? do we only remember the jokes?

this week at church listen and discuss what you’ve heard. Don’t just take the preacher’s word for it. Look it up for yourself, make it your faith.


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