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On a Personal Note: The things i’ve learned about myself.

…This week at least. 🙂

1. I’ve realized that i have been posting too many blog tours lately and have really neglected the reason why i started this blog – to share a little bit of me with the world. Not that I’m under any delusion the world is interested, of course. It just instantly makes you sound cooler when you mention you have a blog, and I can use any help I can get.  🙂

2. TOMS shoes, however amazing they are, are not the best for rock climbing. Particularly new blue suede shoes (and yes, I did just break out into song.) Although I DID made it to the top of the rock wall, it took all my very limited arm strength to reach it. I was slipping and sliding the WHOLE way up and, come to think of it. the whole way down as well! I’m sure it was quite entertaining to the people below, but my arms were not amused the next day. I need to work out more. (Don’t worry, my TOMS were perfectly fine.)

3. I like (okay, love) the Curious George soundtrack. And I’m not ashamed. The main musician on the cd, Jack Johnson has been a favorite of mine since I saw the Mellow Show spoof from SNL. Okay, so maybe I was exposed to him a bit before that, but the skit solidified my liking of him, even if it was Andy Samberg and not the real thing.
You have to check it out if you haven’t seen it already. Because I love you all so much I’ll even do the work for you, the direct link’s right there. Go already. I know you’re curious.

Now that you’ve seen it, I can get back to my comments on the cd. 🙂

Could a kid’s movie soundtrack get ANY cooler? Ben Harper, Matt Costa? Awesome.
Every song makes me happy, including the odd beginnings to  “the 3 R’s” song. “…3 is a magic number, yes it is, it’s a magic number…”
I even love the liner notes!  I’ve never been a Curious George kinda person, but they’re just too stinkin’ cute to not like.

4. I read in a book (imagine that!) about a coffee-house that was full of musicians and artists and with wannabe musicians and artists. I figured out I don’t necessarily fit into either of those categories. I just wannabe with the legits and wannabe’s :

5. I MUST be OCD, I organized my jeans alphabetically by style. Yikes. Bootcut, Flare, Skinny, and Straight all there in my drawer in a nice, neat row.

6. I’m a horrible television viewer (viewee?) if there were a test, I would fail. BAD.
If I told you I had a favorite show, it would be LOST. Well, guess what? I FORGOT it was on tonight, COMPLETELY. Bad, Bad, sarah. Thankfully, they did play their usual recap show so I didn’t miss too much. And, hey, there’s always Hulu in the morning. (With a few less commercials!)

That’s it! If you’ve made it through this blog, thank you.
If you enjoyed it, there’s more to come, so please come back. Or subscribe on my nifty little subscriber thingy on the sidebar, and you’ll be notified of new stuff. Cool, Huh?
If you didn’t like it, well, I’ll still be having lots of blog tours here, so come back anyway.


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Lovely Things i Love!

TOMS Village

TOMS Village Shoes

One word. TOMS.
Three Words. One for One.

Yep. Buy one pair for yourself, friend, family member, enemy, whomever, and TOMS Shoes will donate a pair to a child who needs shoes desperately.

Ever heard of them? Ever seen the commercial? Pause for a second and watch it.

Then, if you wish to learn more, watch this,

Amazing. I got a pair as a gift for my birthday, It was my first, but not my last pair. Within 3 months i have bought 3 more and one pair of Tiny TOMS for a friend.  The ones pictured are my latest and one of my favorite style. One of the best things about TOMS in general is the products they use for their shoe making. The Village TOMS are made out of 77% Hemp and 23%  recycled Plastic bottles. They also do not use the leather insole that the original TOMS do, so they are completely vegan.
Not only are TOMS  great for children and the environment but they’re also great for your feet! They’re probably the most comfortable pair of shoes i own.

This is a thing to be shared over and over again.
I posted a facebook status talking about buying my 2nd & 3rd pairs and a friend ordered a pair off of that status. Then she  shared it with her friends, and some of her friends then bought a couple of pairs. That was possibly 10 pairs of shoes commited to be given to children around the world. Like I said, Amazing.

They range anywhere from $44 for the plain canvas to $98 for the Wrap boots.  If you’re a bit turned off by the price, don’t be.There are plenty of places which sell NEW older styles for a discounted price (never, ever buy secondhand TOMS, a pair of shoes will not be donated from your purchase.)
I’ve gotten a couple of my pairs from Amazon and shoe stores on the web.

Please check out this company’s website, It’s one of the most giving organizations I know.

Why? Because of nine little words. Because changing a life begins with a single step

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I’m back!

Just got back from a weeklong vacaction! I’m tan, sun-bleached and set for the rest of the summer!
While on vacation we went to a great coffeehouse while in Dallas, White Rock Coffee If you’re ever in the area be sure to check it out.
I recommend getting the “Adam Bomb”, Espresso with cinnamon & vanilla (and get it frozen!)
They also have free music nights!

Also, today is the final day of my vegetarian month. I think i’ve done well for the past couple of weeks. However, sat & sun were a different story. I was craving a philly cheesesteak from a local cafe SO bad!

“Tomorrow, tomorrow. I’ll love you tomorrow, you’re only a day away!!!!!!!!!!!!! “

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Want to see?

want to have a peek at my books-to-be-reviewed?

Go here:  Review Shelf 


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My first Pie!

Hey, sorry i’ve been a little absent lately!
I made a pie today, my very first! Here’s a picture, it looks pretty and it tasted pretty good too! I need to work on my serving technique though… It didn’ t look so great once it was transferred on to the plates 🙂

My First Pie!

My First Pie!


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waiting on the FedEx man

 why does it seem to take forever when you have a really neat package coming in the mail?

I’m going to distract myself now…..  🙂

Just when i stopped looking out the window for Mr. FedEx man,  he came  🙂

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The things i’ve learned so far….


Tazo Passion tea and Cream do not mix! Blech!

You need to read ingredients before you add anything that might curdle

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