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Triumph of the day – March 6th

Today I received my grade for my first major writing assignment in English Comp II.

I was a bit nervous about this grade since it was my very first hand-written essay EVER, and during the class period I wrote 4 or 5 drafts trying to get my handwriting to look halfway decent. It also happened to be the third of five exams that week (seriously I think my professors may have conspired to have all my first exams all in that week).

My teacher explained today that if we were disappointed with our grade not to worry, one assignment will drop, and there’s plenty of time to make it up, etc…Β  She called my name up, I retrieved my essay from her outstretched palm, and with great fear looked upon the grade.Β  LO AND BEHOLD, I had made a perfect score, a one hundred freaking percent!Β  My self-confidence was boosted even more when I read her note: “if you will type this up for me to use as a sample, i will gladly give you extra credit.” She wants to use MY essay as an example in her classes?!? What?!? I felt quite giddy, and possibly, maybe, even skipped out the door on the way to my car (and perhaps let out a squeal or two). πŸ™‚

Yay for great English teachers! πŸ™‚ Off to write a sociology paper!

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Thoughts of a homeschooler before entering the “real world” (pshaw)

For the entirety of my school aged life I have been schooled at home, by my mom. But my high school years have come to an end. (yay seniors 2011!) It’s now time to start a new chapter. πŸ™‚

Tomorrow, at precisely 2:00 central time, I shall be taking my very first standardized test. The accuplacer (dun dun duuuuuh).Β  Having never taken anything like it before, (I mean, really, my school has a “trailer” dedicated to only testing??) and not having a clue what to expect, I am somewhat excited and somewhat terrified out of my mind. I keep comforting myself with the fact it’s not a pass/fail test. Only a test to assess what classes I qualify for in the fall. (Fingers crossed!)

As a result of the poor economy and my preference to incur as little debt as possible, I have opted to start my college experience at a local, two-year, community college. My reasoning is as follows; why spend an exorbitant amount of money when i can get the same basic classes locally, for far less? And if i must be honest, I kinda really absolutely love my life right where I am. Why change a good thing?

The thought of having to find my classrooms and having homework I don’t actually need to turn in to my mom is daunting, but I’m ready. And I get a studentΒ  i.d. for discounts, how fun is that?! harry potter 7.2 here i come!! πŸ˜‰ Let’s hope this picture is better than the one on my driver’s license (eeep!)

My plan at the end of this adventure is to transfer to a four-year college to complete my degree. Which, as of now, is still undeclared, and I’m okay with that. I figure Ronald Reagan started as an actor and ended up becoming a president, so why do i have to make up my mind right away? πŸ˜‰

It’s a whole new world πŸ™‚


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Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Those two words are scary, so scary for this girl. Moving forward with school, in friendship, in a job. All big, big steps that I hardly feel prepared to take.
But, it is a new year, and a new beginning for me. No need to fear, question or doubt myself,Β  just a desperate need and desire to take risks. To make a change, to find something I am passionate about and follow after it with all my heart.

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The craziness that is called… Texas.

I drive a convertible. i live in texas. I drove my convertible the first day of WINTER without the top on. This is my life πŸ™‚

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