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Waiting… Longing…

Today was an amazing day here in North Texas. Most of the afternoon was rainy and overcast. We had some beautiful clouds suspended above a strip of blue sky. The sun was shining on some dark, dark clouds later in the afternoon, perfect lighting!

This evening was foggy and the park near our house was perfect for a photoshoot.

Which leads me to say…. I want a camera.  It’s not that i don’t have one… I do! The one that i have is a basic, easy to use, and i love it. I even put a butterfly sticker on it. But I’ve used it so much 1/2 of the shutter doesn’t close anymore. I want to be able to take super clear pictures, even with it zoomed, which my camera isn’t the best for.
It really is amazing what you can learn online.

 In the past few weeks i’ve learned what ISO, SLR, fps(and many other such acronyms) all mean. At first i debated between a advanced P&S or a DSLR. I don’t think i’m quite ready for multiple lenses, filters and such, so i’m opting for a Canon SX10.
In hopes of being able to purchase a camera by the holidays, I’ve started my camera fund. This camera retails for $400, which is a lot for someone without a paying job. 🙂 But i’m slowing making my way there.

If you would like to see “my” camera here’s a picture, click on it for more detail.


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