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Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen Insight Edt.

Sense and Sensibility is probably my least favorite Jane Austen novel, and I’ve read them all. It never captured me like Pride & Prejudice’s Darcy & Elizabeth’s love story or even the impetuous Emma’s mistaken matchmaking. But with Bethany House’s new Insight Edition, Sense and Sensibility’s long-lasting effect on culture finally, well, made Sense to me. I enjoyed it this time around, and this will certainly not be my last time to read this beloved classic.

This new edition doesn’t mess with the original text of S&S – at all! Quite the opposite – it enhances the reader’s experience.
The Editors point out little quirks and interesting facts found within the text, which had those notes not been there I would have missed it entirely!
Other footnotes are witty, knowledgeable and even have some fun tidbits about the movie variations.

I definitely enjoyed Sense and sensibility more the second time around thanks much in part to this insight edition! There are limitless editions of Sense and Sensibility available, but this one is by FAR my favorite.

Thanks to Bethany House for providing this book for me to review!
I definitely enjoyed Sense and sensibility more the second time around thanks much in part to this insight edition!


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101 simple &thoughtful ways to give this Christmas away – review Matthew West, (History, Happy, Something to Say cds) singer and songwriter of some of the greatest songs on Christian radio(More, The Motions, Only Grace and others)  can now add “Author” to his resume!

101 simple & thoughtful ways to give this Christmas Away is a small gift book based on his new song, titled Give this Christmas Away, co-written with Amy Grant. However,  no cd single was  included in the book, (as is standard in other gift books) and that was a bit disappointing since it would have really enhanced the message if the song could also be listened to at the same time. (I guess that’s what itunes is for, though!)

The ideas in this book are exactly what the title says, simple, thoughtful-  and inexpensive – ways to give.
This would make a very sweet gift this year. Many of the ideas may even become family traditions. I would  encourage you to just start with some small idea within this book and add to it each passing year.

Thanks to the Tyndale Blog Network for providing this book for my to review!

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Jason Gray: Everything Sad is Coming Untrue CD Review

How incredibly gifted can one person be? This guy is one of the best singer/songwriters out there. I was a little frightened that Jason Gray would not be able to match the brilliancy that is shown in his previous record, All the Lovely Losers. I am delighted to say that fear was completely ungrounded. Even after listening to this cd nearly non-stop for two weeks it hasn’t gotten old.

This is not a light listening record. Sure, the songs he sings are fun, but when you get down to listening to the lyrics and really hearing what Jason is saying, this cd becomes piercing. I don’t know of any other songwriter who can write of such things in so eloquent a way.

here’s a few of the tracks that really stand out for me:

“How I Ended up Here” is a funny tongue-in-cheek song about avoiding people. It’s so funny at first listen but then, when you really listen to the lyrics it becomes sobering. Here’s the lyrics:

One of the songs that is very reflective of our humanity is “Everything Sad is Coming Untrue” and particularly Pt. 2 see lyrics here

Possibly the most striking musically is the track, Fade with our Voices.

In “More Like Falling In Love” Jason reveals the heat of every broken person, just looking for someone to love and be loved back Check out the lyrics:

But, my favorite out of them all, is the Golden Boy and the Prodigal, it is a lyrically rich and is one of the most confessional songs i have heard in a long time.
Be sure to stop by Jason’s website to have a listen to this amazing record!

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Review of Stand:Unleashing the Wisdom of God

Stand: Unleashing the Wisdom of God By Alex McFarland

I have to admit, as soon as i opened the package i exclaimed “how cute!”.
It’s one of the smallest books i’ve seen, it’s as tall as most books but the width of it is tiny. However, the words within are anything BUT cute.
The writer dives right into the nitty gritty of the message in Proverbs, WISDOM. He doesn’t skirt around issues or try to brush them up to make them appear better, he tells it how it is without any sort of apology.
He explores deep into the Proverbs and Solomon’s life, and also shares great, funny stories from Alex own life. He is very transparent, and that makes for a relatable read. I’m not sure how “original” this book is, since many books have been written for youth focusing on wisdom and Solomon, but this is certainly one to check out. I’m looking forward to reading the others in the series!

The Stand series of three books are written specifically with youth in mind. The titles are Stand: Unleashing the Wisdom of God, Stand: Diving into God’s Words, and Stand: Seeking the Way of God

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Religions of the stars review

religionsBy Richard Abanes.

This author has also written several books on Christianity and Pop culture. I’ve always enjoyed learning about different religions and how they compare to Christianity. Richard Abanes is one of the very best authors on this particular subject.
He covers every major “celebrity” religion out there (at least the one i could name off the top of my head) I definitely appreciated all of the the notes and references on the religions. He writes in a fun and easy to read way.But he also manages to write with a clear urgency to fight against the false teachings in these religions. highly recommend for people who wish to know what the popular culture deems “cool”.
My sister is interested in these types of book as well. She’s looking forward to reading this book!

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The Justice Game Review

Justice Gameabout the book
After the target of an investigative report storms a Virginia Beach television station, he kills one of the anchors before the SWAT team takes him down. Following the victim’s funeral, her family files a lawsuit against the gun company who manufactured the killer’s weapon of choice. The lawyers for the plaintiff and defendant—Kelly Starling and Jason Noble—are young, charismatic, and successful. They’re also easy blackmail targets, both harboring a personal secret so devastating it could destroy their careers. Millions of dollars—and more than a few lives—are at stake. But as Kelly and Jason battle each other, they discover that the real fight is with unseen forces intent on controlling them both.


My Review
A couple of months ago Randy Singer put out a call for people be the jury for an upcoming novel of his. The verdict reached at the end of this book is the result of that poll.
Randy Singer always delivers a great legal thriller. I’ve exhausted his shelf at my library and have enjoyed them all. The Justice Game certainly didn’t disapoint. I thought it was a tightly plotted and intricate story, with heartfelt charcters that I cared about. It’s full of things i didn’t expect, at all! Randy Singer kept me reading and kept pulling me into the story.

This is a book you will not want to miss. You may or may not agree with the final result, but it will raise some questions and hopefully get some discussions going.
Even though I did like the book I didn’t quite connect to the story and characters as much as I have in his previous works. Given that, it was great, and one that a lot of readers have strong opinions about the subject. For other people though, it’s been their favorite Singer book yet. It’s not (in my opinion) the best Randy Singer book i’ve read, but it is worth reading.

watch this video to learn more about this great book! 

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