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Chai Tea recipe

***I have NOT tried this! but it looks super good so i wanted to share!***

I’ll update when i have made it and tell you my results 🙂

This is reposted from the Briomag website no credit belongs to me 🙂

chaiteaTea is an ancient drink thought to have its beginnings in China. Legend has it that an emperor in ancient China discovered tea while on a trip across his kingdom. When dried leaves from a bush fell into boiling water, the water turned reddish brown. He tried the drink and felt its refreshing effects. Scientists today say black tea has the healthy antioxidants our body needs to fight diseases.

Chai tea has its origins in India, where it’s called masala chai. Masala is a mixture of spices, and chai means “tea” in Hindi, an Indian language. In India, Nepal and Tibet, it’s found at roadside restaurants and served daily in offices and homes. Try out the recipe below and share a gourmet experience with your friends at a tea party! This chai tea tastes better and costs less than what most coffee shops offer.


What you need
(Multiply this recipe by the number of cups you want.)
1 cup skim milk (If you use 2 percent or whole milk, add water to make a 1:1 ratio. For example, 1/2 cup whole milk to 1/2 cup water.)
1 heaping tsp loose-leaf black tea (Teabags can be substituted but aren’t recommended, because they don’t give the robust flavor needed for chai tea.)
2 tsp sugar or honey
1/4 tsp mixed spices (Mix together one tbsp of each spice: ground cinnamon, ground cardamom and ground ginger. Ground cloves, nutmeg and/or black pepper can be added for an authentic Indian, spicy-hot taste.)
1-qt saucepan
Measuring spoons and cup
Tea strainer (Check out the step-by-step instructions on the next page.)
Tea cup or mug


What to Do
Put tea leaves, sugar and spices in the 1-qt saucepan (or larger, depending on the number of cups). Add milk and stir to dissolve sugar. Place saucepan on burner and turn heat to medium high. Watch the milk as it heats. When it begins to expand and foam, carefully remove the pan from the burner and turn off the heat. Let the tea steep in the hot milk for one minute. Place the tea strainer over the cup or mug and pour the chai through it. The strainer will collect the wet tea leaves and leave a nice aromatic cup of chai tea.


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