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Charles Dickens? Check!

I finished the Charles Dickens books I had planned on, before my birthday! I cut it closer than i ever have before, by two days, but i also had 4x as many books to read!

I found a great resource, particularly for those Dickens which were a bit dry! It’s called the Friendly Dickens by Norrie Epstein, She explains the plot and subtleties so i can understand Dickens (at least a little more!)
Here’s the highlights!

Favorite: Bleak House and Little Dorrit
I don’t know if i would like these books quite as well as if i hadn’t seen the movies based on these! They’re sweet, but with a bit of that classic dark dickens in them. Also Bleak House is the ONLY Dickens to be written (at least partly) from a female’s perspective!

Most thought-provoking: A Tale of Two Cities
I was VERY intimidated with this book. I was afraid that all those subtle under-lying themes would be lost on me. But, i took my time with it and found that it was quite enjoyable… if a little heavy 🙂

Least Favorite(s): Martin Chuzzlewit
I never got fully invested in this book. It seemed like it had the driest characters out of Dickens. It just seemed to drag!


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