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My name is Sarah and…

library-booksI’m addicted to the Library!

I have nearly 40 books from the local library on my library card. And it’s not for lack of having my own to read! Just take a look at the 4(!) bookcases in my room!
What’s worse;  I have the same amount of books on hold! No, no, don’t feel sorry for me, i won’t allow it! But trust me, I come by it very honestly, it runs in the blood 🙂 When my Mom took my sister and I to the library, we borrowed enough children’s books to max out 3 cards.

Let me tell you another book secret of mine while i’m at it, I keep a cd visor thumb tacked on the wall next to my bed. No, not for cds, for bookmarks, just so they’re handy when i start a new book. yep, I don’t think that was the purpose.

I’ll leave you with a quote i came across recently:

‘When I got [my] library card, that was when my life began.’
– Rita Mae Brown



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The things i’ve learned so far….


Tazo Passion tea and Cream do not mix! Blech!

You need to read ingredients before you add anything that might curdle

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I need to get this off my chest….

I thought it was about time i confess this….
I am slightly OCD.  There I said it, that is the first step ya know!

Here’s why i believe i have some form or another of OCD

My clothes are in rainbow order, and sometimes even by the shade of color, sad i know!

I alphabetized my books one night when i couldn’t go to sleep (did i mention i was 10?)
They’re not alphabetized anymore, now they are by genre, publisher, then author, and size/series number.

My cd’s are alphabetized by last name and then by year. My christmas cds are on a different shelf and then my compilation dics are in their own box.

And i have arranged our dvd’s to be by cartoon (alphabetized), live action (alphabetized), and Jane Austen (in order of books published)

I even go into stores and rearrange their shelves to be in order (why??). My sister then follows and puts just 1 book out of place which must, of course,  be put back to where it should be 🙂

At half price books in the clearance section (which is never orderly) I make sure that like authors are together and the same books are next to each other.

Oh yes, then there’s the fact i Cannot, Cannot, stop reading a book on an odd chapter, no stopping on chapter 19 or 3 for me, no sir! But for some strange reason multiples of five are acceptable.  So I must either read the book by the two or by five chapters.  And under no circumstances am I to stop on Chapter 13, that would mean disaster for the entire known world!

That’s pretty much the extent of my OCD-ness 🙂


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