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Books of the month- November

it’s time for the next edition of the Books i have read this month! Stay tuned for the music of the month post

seriously, leave comments for me! I’d love to know if you have any insight on the books i’ve enjoyed!

the-caseThe Case for the Real Jesus by Lee Strobel

I really have enjoyed reading the books i’ve read of his so far. This book is almost an addition to his first The Case for Christ. It answers some of more recent arguments.

rob-bell Sex God by Rob Bell

Rob bell is a great writer who really gets me thinking outside the box. It’s a great follow up to the shack.

holy-fools Holy Fools by Mathew Woodley

I’ve read a lot of things lately about becoming a fool for God. This is a great read. I’ll definitely be picking it up again


the-importance The Importance of Being Foolish By Brennan Manning

Another fool’s book! I really liked what Manning had to say. I want to check out more of his books now.


learning-to-flyLearning to Fly By Roxanne Henke

This is a sweet story about two mothers who are raising daughters in very different ways. A great book for both mothers & daughters
inam It’s Not About Me by Michelle Sutton

This is a new book & new author. I know her a bit through various sites. It’s a great storyline. A little different than what i usually read. Be on the lookout too for the other books in the series!
the-seat-beside-meThe Seat Beside Me by Nancy Moser

Wow! Great book! Maybe not the best to read on an airplane ride since it’s about a plane crash, but still a great, inspiring read!

the-shape-of-mercyThe Shape of Mercy by Susan Meissner

I really like this novel. It’s a really neat historical fiction book with a little mystery in it.
The main character in it is transcribing a diary from one of the accused women of the salem witch trials. really intriguing, right?

That’s it till next month!

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