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Music of the Month -November

Phil Wickham – Singalong

this is a free download from Phil Wickham. It has a great mix of his songs and classics. It’s neat to hear him do a live concert too.

starfield1starfield2starfield3 Starfield – the trio!  I love all of their albums!

My favorite album would be “I Will Go” (the last cd) The song Hosanna leads me into my next album… the songwriter herself

brooke Brooke Fraser – Albertine  Great singer, great songwriter! I was introduced to this girl by Mackenzie (thanks!!) I’m passing her on!

ringing-bellDerek Webb – Ringing Bell I really have been  listening to all of the albums i have from him, but this is my most recent. I downloaded from Noisetrade.com. I was introduced to him when he was giving away his album, Mockingbird, a few years ago. I’ve been hooked on him and Caedmon’s Call ever since.

 in-the-name-of-love1In the Name of Love – Various Artists

this cd has a variety of christian artists singing U2’s most recognized songs. I really love U2’s lyrics and the different people who sing them. My favorites are 40 and Sunday Bloody Sunday.

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