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Great Gift Ideas That actually Give BACK! (global edition)

Here’s a short listing of the gifts that i have found that give back a little something.  Gifts that give three times, first to the person you’re buying it for, second to the person/people benefiting from it, and lastly to you. 🙂

The Red Emmy BraceletInvisible Children
What would it be like to be completely ignored? Not just by your friends for a day, or by your boss, but by the entire world, while you’re crying out for help?
It’s the mission of IC to provide a voice for these children. There are multiple gift giving options, from T-shirts to bracelets and bags. They have 6 different bracelets, this red one just happens to be my favorite.
Their bags have an amazing story too. The name, MEND comes from a desire to mend the chasm between the consumer and the maker, they want to bring you closer to the person who created your bag by giving you a glimpse in to their life through an online video. check out more info on the mend page here: http://www.invisiblechildren.com/mend

TOMS Shoes: for the sensible fashonista
This amazing company will GIVE a pair of shoes to a child in need when you buy a pair!, Don’t know what size, or what style would be best? Easy. Just order the Gift pack, It comes with the DVD documentary and a $50 gift card for them to choose their own shoes! And you can have it shipped to THEM! now you can even order Gift cards in $25, $50, $75, and $100 values

Or if you do know the style and size (E.I. the person you’re shopping for leaves you “subtle” hints) they will cost you around $44 to $70. And even less for the tiny TOMS and youth TOMS
Several styles are also VEGAN!

Mocha Club: For the “i have everything i could possibly want” person in your life
There’s two options for this one
the first: For 7 dollars a month (the price of 2 mocha, hence the name) mocha club will send nearly every penny of that money to local village leaders in africa to help build up a mission YOU choose. Also, as a promotion you can get a FREE mocha club t-shirt of your choice!
I’ve been a part of this organization for almost a year now and it has been SO rewarding!
The Minimum requirement is three months ($21)
The Second: Buy a gift in their online store, and YOU get to choose which project it supports, They have t-shirts, hoodies, coffee, tumblers, totes and more. These gifts will 100% go towards Africa.
Or if that person truly has everything, You can purchased a Christmas card for $22. $20 will go towards providing clean water to 20 Africans for 1 year
here are the projects you can choose from:
Child mother/women at risk
Clean Water
HIV/AIDS + healthcare
Orphan Care/Vulnerable Children
If you have any questions, just ask me.

BWMphotos9.jpgBlood: water Mission
Blood: water Mission believes that helping those across Africa begins with providing them with clean water and proper health care when it comes to AIDS.
You can purchase a gift knowing that that money will be going towards amazing result. If you would rather not purchase something, you can certainly donate. It only costs $1 to provide an African water for 1 year.

https://i2.wp.com/cache0.bigcartel.com/product_images/3660280/feedsfront.jpgWe are Overlooked.
This online store sells many gift items; jewelry, t-shirts, bags, ornaments and more.
I love that from every t-shirt they give $5 to that t-shirt’s organization. All of the items are responsibly made, without using sweatshop workers, and when possible offering jobs to women in Thailand, Africa, and the Middle East to earn fair wages.
Also, you can use this code to get 10% off: think

(RED) Ipod Nano: For the “latest and greatest” Music Listener
So everyone’s raving about the newest nano from apple. It shoots video, it has a pedometer, it has an external speaker, and so on and so on… But, did you know that if you buy a (RED) nano, Apple will give part of the proceeds to the The Global Fund? Yep, that’s because (RED) is also Bono’s cause. 1 (RED) nano will give 83 doses of medication to those suffering from HIV/AIDS in Africa. If you’re already planning on buying a Nano for yourself or someone else, please consider buying one that also keeps giving. (plus red a stinkin’ awesome color anyway)

You can ONLY get the (RED) edition from the Apple store. They still cost the same amount of money as they would at any other store. But a bonus to buying online is you get free shipping AND free engraving!
cost: with tax about $200 depending on where you live.

iTunes (PRODUCT) RED Gift Card - $25 (RED) Itunes Gift card: for the music buyer
An awesome stocking stuffer that pretty much EVERYONE loves are gift cards. But, what’s even awesomer (is that a real word) is the fact that when you buy a (RED) gift card 10% goes to the Global Fund!

You can ONLY (once again) get this gift card from Apple. It only comes in one increment; $25, but that means $2.50 goes straight to a very worthy cause. When you order online you can get free shipping and the option of writing a personalized message

Starbucks: For the caffeine addict
Starbucks is now offering gift cards, stainless steel water bottles, tumblers and even coffee with the RED logo, and yep, they give part of that money to the Global Fund!

Also, when possible use a Reusable bag in place of a traditional gift bag, you can find them EVERYWHERE now, and they typically only cost a few dollars!


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Win a pair of Classic TOMS!

Giveaway-classics-bannerRemember how i talked about TOMS shoes a couple of days ago? (you can check out that blog here )
Well now you can enter to win your very own pair!
click here http://bit.ly/fDWga and tweet to win a pair (You don’t have to be a member of twitter to enter, but twitter’s fun!)
and if you use the above link that i gave you, i am entered an additional time!

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Lovely Things i Love!

TOMS Village

TOMS Village Shoes

One word. TOMS.
Three Words. One for One.

Yep. Buy one pair for yourself, friend, family member, enemy, whomever, and TOMS Shoes will donate a pair to a child who needs shoes desperately.

Ever heard of them? Ever seen the commercial? Pause for a second and watch it.

Then, if you wish to learn more, watch this,

Amazing. I got a pair as a gift for my birthday, It was my first, but not my last pair. Within 3 months i have bought 3 more and one pair of Tiny TOMS for a friend.  The ones pictured are my latest and one of my favorite style. One of the best things about TOMS in general is the products they use for their shoe making. The Village TOMS are made out of 77% Hemp and 23%  recycled Plastic bottles. They also do not use the leather insole that the original TOMS do, so they are completely vegan.
Not only are TOMS  great for children and the environment but they’re also great for your feet! They’re probably the most comfortable pair of shoes i own.

This is a thing to be shared over and over again.
I posted a facebook status talking about buying my 2nd & 3rd pairs and a friend ordered a pair off of that status. Then she  shared it with her friends, and some of her friends then bought a couple of pairs. That was possibly 10 pairs of shoes commited to be given to children around the world. Like I said, Amazing.

They range anywhere from $44 for the plain canvas to $98 for the Wrap boots.  If you’re a bit turned off by the price, don’t be.There are plenty of places which sell NEW older styles for a discounted price (never, ever buy secondhand TOMS, a pair of shoes will not be donated from your purchase.)
I’ve gotten a couple of my pairs from Amazon and shoe stores on the web.

Please check out this company’s website, It’s one of the most giving organizations I know.


Why? Because of nine little words. Because changing a life begins with a single step

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